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Data protection statement

Personal data

Individuals registering for delivery of online publications and/or using services provided by the German National Library are required to provide certain personal data, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and if applicable user ID number.

The collection, processing and use of personal data are restricted to a specific purpose in accordance with data protection laws, i. e. for the purpose for which you have provided the data to us. No personal data are released to third parties.

The German National Library requests that you make every effort to ensure in your own interest that such data as your user ID and other personal access data are protected against access by unauthorised third parties. In this way, you help minimise the risks associated with unauthorised use.

Use of DNB Internet facilities

The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek has a wireless network to provide Internet access for all users registered in the DNB Portal. This Internet service accessed via the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek facilities is unencrypted. The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek accepts no liability for any data transferred via its facilities.
A valid Deutsche Nationalbibliothek user ID is required to obtain authorisation to use the Internet access.
The user ID, IP address and duration of use are logged when using the Internet service to prevent abuse of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek's DFN access.


The German National Library uses cookies to support user navigation during a given session. Personal data are not collected in this context.

Log files

Records of your use of services offered by the German National Library are kept in log files for statistical purposes only. Data in log files are not evaluated on a personal basis.

Data security

The German National Library has implemented technical and organisational security measures to protect data made available by you from access and misuse by unauthorised individuals. These security measures are updated continually in keeping with new technological developments and changes in applicable legal regulations.

German Library Statistics

The German National Library participates in generating the German library statistics, part of which involves deploying a method for counting the visitors to its internet site. When the homepage and the externer linkcatalogue are accessed, a library and page identifier, the time of access and the signature of the computer accessing the sites are stored. Using a one-way function, the signature is formed out of the IP address, browser identification and proxy information. The storage and evaluation of this data take place in pseudonymised form, i.e. the signature is not assignable to a particular person. The pseudonymised individual data are totalised no more than 24 hours later, rendering them anonymous.

The stored data are statistically evaluated in order to help us further develop and design our pages as required. The data are only used for this purpose and are deleted after the evaluation.

The Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Stuttgart Media University - HdM) was commissioned to oversee the technical and organisational implementation of this process. It developed the process in accordance with the requirements of both the data protection laws and the Telemediengesetzes (German Telemedia Act - TMG) statutory regulations by which it is legally bound.

You can opt out of the collection, processing and use of the aforementioned data for the given purpose. If you do so, a temporary cookie stating that you have declined the generation of profiles is put onto your computer. Please click on the following external externer linkLink for this.

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer of the German National Library is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act and other relevant data protection regulations.

Last update: 16.05.2014


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