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Linked Data Service - frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Linked Data Service of the German National Library

What is the most efficient way to search the data? Is there a search interface for accessing the data?

At present you can search in the portal and use the RDF/XML representation links (e.g. on appropriate person-related pages). The data can also available be downloaded. The SRU and OAI-PMH interfaces represent further search and access options. All the possibilities are presented in the Access information. A SPARQL interface is not planned initially.

Why are there no links to data source X?

The service initially includes links for which we already hold the corresponding concordances/mappings in usable form. Further links will be realised later as required.

Why has data record X not been transformed?

The documentation describes which data have already been implemented. In the long-term there are plans to provide all the German National Library data as linked data.

Why does my Internet Explorer not show the data correctly?

The data are delivered in structured form, but Internet Explorer does not always show XML content correctly. If a page is not displayed correctly (i.e. without XML structure), the structured document can be shown in its correct form using the "View/Source text" menu items in Internet Explorer, or the information can be saved as a file and opened in a different program. Alternatively it is, of course, also possible to use a browser which reproduces this information correctly, such as Firefox.

Whom should I address further questions or suggestions to?

If you find no answer to your question either in the documentation or in the FAQs, you can also use the Linked Data Service mailing list for questions, comments, feedback and discussions.

Which changes have already been made to the Linked Data Service?

The Linked Data Service version history lists the changes which have been made in the previous releases..

Last update: 06.02.2015

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