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Linked Data Service - frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Linked Data Service of the German National Library

What is the most efficient way to search the data? Is there a search interface for accessing the data?

At present you can search in the portal and use the RDF/XML representation links (e.g. on appropriate person-related pages). The data is also available for downloading. Additional search options are the SRU and OAI-PMH interfaces. All options are detailed in the note regarding access. A SPARQL interface is currently not being offered.

Why are there no links to data source X?

As a first step we realized only those links to external data sources for which we already had the relevant concordances / mapping information in a usable form. Further links will be realised later as required.

Why has data record X not been transformed?

The documentation describes what data is available. In long-term, the aim is to provide all data of the German National Library as linked data.

Why does my Internet Explorer not show the data correctly?

The data is returned in a structured form, however Internet Explorer does not always show XML documents correctly. If a page is not displayed correctly (i.e. without XML structure), the structured document can be shown in its correct form using the "View/Source text" menu items. Alternatively, you can save the information in a file and view it with a different program. Of course, you could also use a browser that can properly display such information (e.g., Firefox).

Whom should I address further questions or suggestions to?

If the question cannot be answered either by the documentation or by the FAQs, you can add questions, remarks and feedback at the mailinglist for the linked data service.

Which revisions have been made since the Linked Data Service was initialized?

The version history describes which changes have been done in previous releases.

Last update: 18.6.2014

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