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German National Library
Federal institution under public law
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Director General Dr. Elisabeth Niggemann
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60322 Frankfurt am Main
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Web Editorial Office

Angelika Cremer-Reiber, Hannelore Effelsberg, Barbara Fischer, Marcus Klein, Roberto Vásquez, Clemens Wahle

General enquiries relating to the information server of the German National Library should be addressed to the Editorial Office. Thomas Seidel is responsible for technical matters.

The appropriate point of contact for specific substantive questions is listed along with an e-mail address on each page or can be found in the list of addresses and points of contact.

Note on external links

As supplier for services under § 7,1 of the Telemediengesetz (TMG) the German National Library is responsible, in accordance with the general law, for their original information made available to the user. Links have to be differentiated from this own information. They contain information made available by other providers for which the German National Library can not be liable.


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