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Tage der Industriekultur // Guided tour of the German Music Archive // German National Library in Leipzig // Thursday, 10 August 2017, 14:00

Musiklesesaal im Innenhof des historischen Gebäudes der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig

The 5th "Tage der Industriekultur" event will be held in Leipzig from 10 to 13 August. One of the topics this year is "125 years of musical automatons from the Hupfeld company in Leipzig". Industriekultur Leipzig e.V. has put together a varied programme to which the German Music Archive has also contributed its extensive collection of historic music players and sound recordings.

The guided tour of the exhibition takes in music players of all types, from the early days of sound recording through to the present day: gramophones, a reproducing piano, early players of digital recordings, as well as a Triphonola of the Hupfeld company from the mid-1920s. A reproducing grand piano, a roll phonograph and a gramophone will be demonstrated to provide a special listening experience. (Photo: kunstmann)

No advance booking is required, free admission, meeting place: Foyer of the old building

"Zu Hause im 20. Jahrhundert" – Hermann Kesten // Reading by Albert M. Debrunner // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Thursday, 17 August 2017, 19:00

Buchcover "Zu Hause im 20. Jahrhundert" Hermann Kesten

Hermann Kesten (1900-1996) was a major figure of the last century. A friend of Erich Kästner, Joseph Roth and Ernst Toller, an author, publisher and chief editor at the Kiepenheuer publishing house in Berlin, Kesten emigrated in 1933 to Paris shortly after the seizure of power by the Nazis. In 1940 he then managed to flee to the United States. There he was involved in founding the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC). The records of the ERC are now held in the German Exile Archive 1933–1945 of the German National Library.

In 1953 Hermann Kesten returned permanently to Europe, although he never lived again in Germany. He was a major figure of West German post-war literature and wrote numerous novels, short stories and essays.

Albert M. Debrunner's biography now provides the first account of Kesten's entire life.

Event organised by the German Exile Archive 1933–1945 of the German National Library in cooperation with the NIMBUS. Kunst und Bücher publishing house.

Free admission. To reserve a place, please send an e-mail to , or call +49 (0)69 1525-1961.

Mass deacidification at the German National Library

Zerfallene Buchseite

Ever heard of acid corrosion? It constitutes a particularly serious threat to our holdings. Substances which were used in the manufacture of paper during a certain period, between 1850 and 1980, are to blame for it. These contained acid which turns paper yellow and causes it to disintegrate after just a few decades.

We have had relatively large numbers of such "problem books" in our stacks since the Library's collection mandate started in 1913. For many years now we have been committed to conducting mass deacidification of our holdings to ensure that they are preserved in good condition. In 2016 alone, roughly 60 tonnes of library holdings (185,860 volumes) were deacidified by service providers to ensure the long term preservation of the relevant 20th century works. (Photo: German National Library)

This collection care activity is just one of the measures we carried out in the past year that you can read about on our website and, with regard to the last year, in our 2016 Annual Report.

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