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80th IFLA World Library and Information Congress // „Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge“ // 16 - 22 August 2014, Lyon, France

Logo der IFLA 2014

The theme of the 80th IFLA World Library and Information Congress opening on 16 August 2014 is "Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge". This year the German National Library joins the common German stand and a number of staff members will be taking part in the convention programme. Visit us on level -2, Foyer Forum 4/5/6 at stand E 107 where we will be providing information on a one-to-one basis on the work of the German National Library.

Previously the IFLA Satellite Meeting "RDA - Resource Description and Access - status and perspectives 2014" will be held at the German National Library in Frankfurt/Main at 13 August 2014.


Virtual exhibition "First World War" is online

Plakat: Die beste Sparkasse: Kriegsanleihe!

Items depicting everyday life and the media of the First World War are being featured in the new online "100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg" exhibition. Including posters and war newspapers, more than 200 media objects illustrate the importance of mass media in relation to the War. Areas covered by the exhibition include propaganda and censorship. For instance, visitors can find out all about the role of children's and young people's literature in the propaganda machinery of the First World War. While ration cards and posters bear witness to the difficulties of day-to-day life in which simply finding enough to eat was a problem.
The content can be accessed via the different theme areas, but there is also a time line which provides an overview of the sequence of events in the War. There is also a glossary explaining relevant terms.


The German National Library in 2013

Cover des Jahresberichtes der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek 2013

The 2013 report of the German National Library is now available. It summarises the topics and activities of the last year, covering the core areas of Collection, Cataloguing, User Services and Preservation plus the state of implementation of the strategic priorities. Putting the virtual "Arts in Exile" exhibition online in the Office of the Federal Chancellor, the strategy process of the German National Library and the new developments in the RDA indexing standard are some of the key topics featured. There is also a review of the numerous cultural activities of the German National Library, including its events and publications.



5,000 years of media history online // The first virtual exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library goes online.

Plakat von 5.000 Jahre Mediengeschichte online

Tally sticks, the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs, tattoos, letters, rolling book barrels, censor lists of the Catholic church, sub-Atlantic cables, Mr Bean's trip to a medieval manuscript reading room, the toilet as a place of reading or the utopia of the universal language: the first virtual exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library provides more than 1,800 insights large and small into the history of media.

Visitors explore the eleven theme modules (also translated into English) as though moving through a web of knowledge in which selected protagonists of media history serve as tour guides on a virtual journey through time. Trenchant histories of objects, pictures, films and sound recordings are woven together to form different, highly individualistic theme worlds.


Strategic Priorities 2013 - 2016

Cover Strategic Priorities 2013 - 2016

Publication of the Strategic Priorities for 2013 to 2016 represents the first time since its founding that the German National Library has set out in print its objectives and priorities for the further development of the library over a defined four-year period. Initiated on the basis of the 2011 employee survey and elaborated above all in internal meetings and events held at the library during 2012, the Strategic Priorities are intended to serve primarily as a work document and as an instrument for setting priorities. The result is a living document which forms the basis of an ongoing strategy process for determining the work of the library over the coming years.

PDF version


Die Welt in Leipzig. Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik – Bugra 1914 // Exhibition at the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library in Leipzig // 12 March to 7 September 2014 // Guided tour will be on Wednesday, 13 August 2014 at 11

Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik – Bugra 1914

In 2014 it is 100 years since the Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik (Bugra) was held in Leipzig in 1914. This book festival was part of the 19th century tradition of staging world expositions. Its aim was to illustrate to a large audience the complex technical and cultural aspects associated with writing, printing and books. From 12 March to 7 September the exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library in Leipzig will provide an unusual perspective by examining the eve of World War I under a magnifying glass. It will also feature a report on the recent attempt by photographer Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz to find clues about the event on the grounds of the "Alte Messe". A large site plan including a linked slide show of old images of the Bugra will invite visitors to search for their own clues.

Next guided tour will be on 21 August 2014 at 17.


Illustrierte Idylle? Die Gartenlaube: Gesichter eines Massenblattes // Gallery exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing // 8 November 2013 to 12 October 2014

 Die Gartenlaube mit der Welt der Frau, Plakat nach Entwurf von Paul Scheurich (Ausschnitt)

The German Museum of Books and Writing is presenting the "Illustrierte Idylle? Die Gartenlaube: Gesichter eines Massenblattes" exhibition in the vault of the German National Library in Leipzig.

When the Leipzig publisher Ernst Keil announced the publication of his "new publication for the home and family, .. for the young and old, for everybody..." 160 years ago, scarcely anyone was able to foresee the success and significance which Die Gartenlaube would later enjoy. Who would have thought that it would lay the foundations for the development of the modern glossy magazine? Through the Gartenlaube pictures, which occupy a special place in German press history, the gallery exhibition explores the production techniques and different facets of the mass-circulation publication.


Arts in Exile // Virtual Exhibition and Network

Logo of "Arts in Exile"

There are many different reasons for leaving one's country, not all of which related to political persecution. The effects which such exile has on artists and the arts are equally diverse. The virtual "Arts in Exile" exhibition is dedicated to exploring these effects. The intention is to showcase the full complexity of the subject of artists in exile.

The German Exile Archive 1933-1945 of the German National Library was requested by the former Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs, Bernd Neumann, to assume overall control of co-ordinating the "Arts in Exile" virtual exhibition and network. The first modules of this new exhibition format went online on 18 September 2013 and they will be on display until the end of 2014. More than 30 network partners will be contributing to the continual expansion of the exhibition during this period.


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In the period from 13 June to 15 August the underground car park and delivery area can only be accessed via Cronstettenstrasse, Frankfurt am Main due to construction work.

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