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Walther Rathenau – Leben und Werk eines konservativen Liberalen // Lecture by Wilhelm von Sternburg // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Thursday, 5 October 2017, 19:00

Porträt Walther Rathenau

Born 150 years ago, the future foreign minister of the Weimar Republic, Walther Rathenau, became the representative of a new middle class that was to play a crucial role in the economic awakening of Germany and in deciding the path taken by the European states in the First World War. Yet he always remained an outsider - not least as a Jew in a society suffused with latent and soon virulent anti-Semitism. When Walther Rathenau was shot down in broad daylight by the extreme right in 1922, democratic Germany gathered for the last time in mass protest against the racist madness and the voices of violence that would eventually destroy the German Republic.

Journalist Wilhelm von Sternburg talks about the life and work of a conservative liberal who reflected the contradictions of his era. (Photo: Federal Archives, image 183-L40010 / CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Free admission
To reserve a place, please send an e-mail to .de, or call +49 69 1525-1961.

A world of knowledge awaits you // Apprenticeship Day // German National Library in Leipzig // Thursday, 5 October, 14:00 - 18:00


Apprentices of the German National Library will again be providing information on the apprenticeships offered at the Leipzig site, and giving potential candidates the opportunity to gain an overview of the different areas, ask questions and talk to the current apprentices. The library offers apprenticeships in media and information services (specialising in librarianship) and in IT (specialising in systems integration). (Photo: German National Library, Tina Aischmann)

Meet in the foyer of the old building.
Admission is free of charge.

Students' Special // Orientation sessions for first year students // German National Library in Leipzig // Thursday, 5 October and Friday, 6 October 2017

Blick in den Musiklesesaal des Deutschen Musikarchivs

The German National Library is offering special orientation sessions for first-year students during the first week of the semester.
Students can find out all about the use of digital publications and the possibilities offered by the Library for academic work and research at 11:00 on both Thursday, 5 October and Friday, 6 October. (Photo: German National Library, Christian Horn)
A separate orientation session devoted to the services provided by the German Music Archive of the German National Library is scheduled for Thursday, 5 October at 10:00.

Admission to all these events is free.
Meet in the foyer of the old library building.
Advance registration is not required.
Separate appointments can be arranged for groups by contacting .

"Syrien. Ein Land ohne Krieg" Book launch // Interview and photo presentation with Lamya Kaddor and Lutz Jäkel // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 19:30

Buchcover "Syrien. Ein Land ohne Krieg"

Syria is a rich country in historical, cultural and human terms. It has always pivoted between the Orient and the Occident, representing a transit region for long-distance trade on the Incense and Silk roads. Many peoples and religions have left their mark, making the area one of the world's most beautiful and most important cultural regions. The volume combines photos by Lutz Jäkel, documenting everyday life in Syria before the war, with personal essays of renowned Syrian, German-Syrian and German authors who have set down their thoughts on their homeland, on the land of their parents and on their travels.

On this evening the editor, Lamya Kaddor (German-Syrian journalist, Islamic scholar and religious educator) and the photo and video journalist Lutz Jäkel will be drawing attention to the country and its people, to daily life before 2011, and showing how people laughed, discussed, smoked, and celebrated in Syria.

Organised in cooperation between the Piper publishing house and the German National Library.

Free admission. Registration:

"Die Farbe Rot. Ursprünge und Geschichte des Kommunismus" // The author Gerd Koenen in conversation with Wolfgang Niess (SWR) // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Thursday, 12 October 2017, 19:30

Porträt des Autors Gerd Koenen

Gerd Koenen tells the epic story of a dream which is as old as humanity itself. This dream of a community in which all people are good to each other and no-one is the servant of anyone else left a huge mark through the centuries until 1917 when the Russian Revolution brought Communism to power. At which point the dream became a nightmare. In conversation with Wolfgang Niess the author portrays the history of Communism and describes the reasons behind the appeal of the Communist idea. At the same time he brings home why the struggle for social justice in a world of capitalism remains legitimate and relevant today, but also how and why Communism's rendezvous with history ended in terror and paranoia. (Photo: Christoph Mukherjee)

Organised in cooperation between Hessische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, the C. H. Beck publishing house and the German National Library.

Free admission, booking: or call +49 611 324020

Shaping Access! More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage // Working together // 7th International Conference // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // 19 to 20 October 2017

Logo Zugang gestalten

Digitization could enable access to our cultural heritage and thus make an important contribution to the knowledge society of our future. Digitization facilitates and promotes networking and cooperation across institutional and national boundaries and combines sectors, which had been divided so far. But what are the prerequisites for good cooperation? When does it work? And where and why does it fail? International experts from cultural institutions, academia, business, society and politics will explore the opportunities and limitations of cooperation when it comes to making cultural heritage accessible in the digital world.

Under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO // Sharing Heritage – European Culture Heritage Year 2018

German speeches will be translated simultaneously into English.
Free admission. Registration at

Esther Kinsky – Chamisso Prize Winner // Reading and Interview // Presenter: Jörg Saglam // German National Library in Leipzig // Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 18:00

Porträt der Autorin Esther Kinsky

Esther Kinsky writes about borders. She draws attention to situations in which one side takes a step towards the other, raising the possibility of bringing about a change in perspective. A writer of essays, poetry and novels, she observes the "foreign" and the "other" and in doing so opens up a whole new view of the world. She has won several awards, both for her translations and for her literary work. In 2016 she was awarded the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize. In an interview with the author and MDR-cultural editor Jörg Schieke, she will be giving an insight into her work, and presenting her novel "Am Fluss" and her Crimea travelogue "Karadag Oktober 13". (Photo: Matthes & Seitz Berlin)

Event organised by 21. Leipziger Literarischer Herbst, with the kind support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
Free admission
To reserve a place, please send an e-mail to or call +49 341 2271-286

"Als Luther vom Kirschbaum fiel und in der Gegenwart landete" // Reading and discussion with Albrecht Gralle // German National Library in Leipzig // Friday, 27 October 2017, 18:00

 Porträt des Autors Albrecht Gralle

Luther is standing on a ladder up a cherry tree in 1517 ... when a thunderbolt strikes and he finds himself in 2017. What would happen if Luther were struck by lightning and he showed up again 500 years later? What would he say and think? What would he make of our world and the church he reformed?
In his humorous book "Als Luther vom Kirschbaum fiel und in der Gegenwart landete", Albrecht Gralle tells the tale of a man seeking answers to questions about cars, telephones and equality. He is accompanied by the retired parson Sonnhüter who is given an entirely new perspective on faith through the encounter. A humorous look at Luther to coincide with the anniversary of the Reformation. (Photo: Albrecht Gralle)

Event organised as part of the 21. Leipziger Literarischer Herbst.
Free admission
To reserve a place, please send an e-mail to .or call +49 341 2271-286

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