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Metadata Core Sets for Automatic Delivery

The "Metadata - Core set - Definitions" contain the semantic and syntactic definitions of a minimum core set of metadata elements for the delivery of metadata of electronic resources to the German National Library. It covers monographs, university dissertations and journals.

Metadata - Core set - Definitions (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012022202

ONIX for Books

Metadata - Core set - Version 1.3 as of 22.02.2012 "ONIX for Books, Release 2.1, March 2010" (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012022219

Sample files with XML data in "ONIX for Books" - OAI Harvesting
Sample files with XML data in "ONIX for Books" - Hotfolder

The German National Library, KNV, Libri, NewBooks Services, Umbreit and the VLB have jointly released a "Best practices ONIX for Books (Version 2.1) - standard e-Book messages" paper. This will contain a recommendation for e-Book ONIX messages in ONIX version 2.1.

Best practices ONIX for Books (Version 2.1) - standard e-Book messages (PDF, 455KB, Not barrier-free file.) (available only in German)

The standard MARCXML is currently in preparation.

From XMetaDiss to XMetaDissPlus

Under the extended statutory deposit obligation for publications from institutional and specialist repositories, the XMetaDiss format of this standard has been expanded to XMetaDissPlus. The limitation of XMetaDiss to dissertations and post-doctoral theses has been withdrawn. The scope has been extended by means of a "Common vocabulary of publication types" to include types of documents such as pre-prints, essays, research reports etc. There are two delivery procedures for university dissertation and thesis publications: the web form and the OAI interface.


XMetaDissPlus Metadata - Core set - Version 1.1 as of 12.03.2012 (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012022237


Comprehensive information on MARC standards (Library of Congress):
MARC Standards

Comprehensive information on changeover to MARC 21:
Changeover to MARC 21

MARCXML metadata core set urn:nbn:de:101-2012012409

Sample files with XML data in „MARCXML“

Delivery using automatic delivery methods

Automatic delivery by means of harvesting (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012022221

Automatic delivery by means of hotfolder submission procedure (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012101804

No metadata standard is necessary for delivery using the web form. The mandatory fields are indicated on the form.
Delivery of online monographs and university dissertations and theses and sheet music using the web form (PDF, 824KB, Not barrier-free file.) (available only in German)

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