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Start screen

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Different search terms can be used to search for full text elements (occurring in any archived web resources) in the start screen. The URL of a web page can also be used to initiate a search. These two search keys are selected using the dropdown menu to the right of the search field.
A URL search immediately calls up the overview of mirrors for this web address.
The "Advanced search" is recommended for full text searches based on a small number of search terms in order to retrieve e.g. specific phrases or to exclude certain search terms.

Advanced search

Erweiterte Suche Erweiterte Suche

In addition to a "Standard search", it is possible to use an "Advanced search" for full-text searches. This offers the following additional options:
The "None of these words" search field can be used to exclude hits containing the given search terms.

Multiple search terms can be entered in the "Exact phrase" search box; these will only be searched for as a complete entity. For example, the phrase "German National Library" will only yield hits containing this precise word combination, but no hits in which the two terms are separated from each other, e.g. "German visitors in the Austrian National Library".

Different file formats can be selected under "Format" to narrow the set of results.

The Advanced search can be reaccessed from the hit list to further narrow the hit list by entering additional search terms.

Hit list

Anzeige Trefferliste Anzeige Trefferliste

The "Previous" and "Next" buttons can be used to navigate within the hit list. This scrolls 5 hits backwards or forwards.

The archived Web resource can be retrieved via the title of the hit. Alternatively, use the "All snapshots" link to call up an overview of all mirrors of a Web resource.

Overview of mirrors

Zeitschnitt Zeitschnitt

Use the arrow and click on the date to call up the relevant snapshot. Normally, there is only one snapshot per website in the DE-Crawl.1.5. Archived Web resources.

Archived Web resources

Beispiel Archiv Beispiel Archiv

The archived Web resources normally function in the same way as the original Web pages on the Internet. They contain a banner at the top showing the original URL in the Internet.

Some websites may not have been stored completely, meaning that links, images and other content do not work or are missing.

The hit list can be reaccessed using the back button of the browser. The "Start screen" link ends the current search and initiates a new search.

Last update: 24.03.2016

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