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Archived websites are listed by category in the overview. All the websites assigned to a particular category can be brought up by clicking on the category and then on the title of a website to access all archived versions of the site, including the date and time of the harvesting (so-called mirroring).
A text-based search can be made of websites based on categories and titles using the "Filter" link in the top right corner.

Full-text search

Webarchiv Volltextsuche Webarchiv Volltextsuche

The full text search can be used to search for terms in all the archived websites. Filters can also be applied to limit the search results. Two selection menus - for website categories and titles - are available as filters. Once a category has been selected, only websites belonging to this category are listed in the website selection menu. Dates can also be entered to define the time period of the mirroring. This can be done by entering dates in the "from" and "to" fields or by using the date selection boxes to the right. The "Delete entries" button resets all fields.
Use the bar along the bottom edge to navigate through the list of hits. 100 hits per website are shown by default. This can be changed using a selection menu. Navigation within the sites is via buttons and the direct entry of page numbers.

Archived network resources

Banner über einer archivierten Netzressource Webarchiv Archivierte Netzressourcen

A mirror opens in a new window; this is called up via the overview, the full text search or the catalogue. The archived website is edged by banners at the top and bottom, alerting users to its historical character. The top banner shows the date of the collection and the original URL. It can also be used to access the corresponding data record in the catalogue of the German National Library.

Last update: 06.05.2014

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