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The German National Library offers the following ongoing and retrospective datasets in machine-readable formats via WWW- or FTP:

The data is supplied in MARC 21, MARC21-xml, RDFxml (not available for all data) and DNB Casual (only for bibliographic data) formats. A contract must be entered into in order to obtain data in the formats MARC 21 and MARC21-xml. The provision of data in these formats is subject to fees. The Deutsche Nationalbibliografie series and the New Release Service are also available in ISBD format in HTML or PDF versions.

Complete deliveries under CC0 1.0 licence

The following data extracts are available free of charge under a CC0 1.0 licence in accordance with the business model.
Most of the ZDB (available only in German)holdings data can also be re-used free of charge. This is indicated in the data records themselves.

Complete deliveries under CC0 1.0 licence
Full copy
(updated: October 2014)
Provision (update)FormatsNumber of data records / size of data (zipped)
DNB bibliographic data
(up to and including 2012 bibliography year)
FebruaryMARC 21approx. 12.4 million / approx. 2.6 GB
DNB bibliographic data*February, June, OctoberRDFxml &
approx. 11.3 million / approx. 1.1 GB
Integrated Authority File (GND)February, June, OctoberMARC 21approx. 10.5 million / approx. 1.1 GB
RDFxml &
approx. 0.7 GB
ZDB bibliographic dataMarch and SeptemberMARC 21approx. 1.7 million / approx. 380 MB
RDFxml &
approx. 160 MB
ZDB holdings dataMarch and SeptemberMARC 21approx. 13.6 million / approx. 930 MB

*Limited to bibliographic data for which an RDFxml version is available.

Log-in data

Please mail for the relevant log-in data to obtain a complete delivery in MARC21 or MARC21-xml format, stating the required option.

Linked Data

The basic data holdings of the bibliographic data of the DNB and the ZDB plus the Integrated Authority File (GND) are available for download (available only in German) free of charge in RDFxml and RDF/turtle format under CC0 1.0 licence as part of the Linked Data Service.


The data is updated using the chargeable weekly data service provided via the WWW or FTP server (MARC 21 and XML formats) or via the OAI interface (XML format only).

Download of individual data records

Individual data records may also be obtained:

Test data

Testdaten (available only in German)are offered in the formats listed above. Test data in the RDFxml format can be accessed via the catalogue (available only in German).

New developments regarding data services and information on format changes

The formats are modified at set interval (available only in German); relevant changes are published three months in advance.

Further processing of metadata

To start with further processing of the metadata the software MarcEdit or the Metafacture software suite offer suitable solutions.


Overview of costs

Costs of bibliographic services as of 1 July 2014
Overview of ZDB services and costs for libraries (available only in German)
Costs of WebDewey German (available only in German)

Last update: 21.10.2014

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