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Business model for use of German National Library data services from 1 July 2012


Since August 2010 the German National Library (DNB) has distinguished between data which is provided free of charge and data which is currently charged for, but the price of which is gradually being reduced. It is anticipated that the data is offered free of charge as of mid-2015. Up to now the distribution of all such data has been based on the DNB terms of use (non-commercial) (see Business model from 1 August 2010).
As of 1 July 2012 not only will all authority data, catalogue enrichment data and most of the DNB's title data be available free of charge, but it will also be offered under Creative Commons Zero terms of free re-use. The business model for obtaining and using the data will then be as follows:

Terms of purchase and use

The DNB is introducing a "moving wall", i.e. a movable time boundary between free and charged data, for Deutsche Nationalbibliografie title data.
This moving wall is based on the so-called "volume number" of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie (the former number of the weekly index).
Data which was bibliographically indexed before this date will be provided free of charge as of 1 July 2012 under CC0-terms, regardless of the format in which the data is presented.
Data which was indexed in the Nationalbibliografie after deadline of the moving wall is divided into two groups:

  1. Charged title data which can be purchased in MARC 21, MARC21-XML formats.
    Here, the subscription price or the price of a particular set of data is based on the current price list of the DNB.
    A contract must be concluded to obtain this data. The terms of use agreed in this shall apply.
  2. Free title data. This includes Series O data (online publications), regardless of the chosen format, and all title data in DNB Casual (Selection of Dublin Core elements) and RDF linked data formats.
    Like all authority and catalogue enrichment data, this data can be re-used under CC0 licence terms. It is not necessary to conclude a usage agreement for this.

The moving wall moves forward by one year at the start of each year, i.e. to 31 December 2013 on 1 January 2015.

The data is provided, as available, with no guarantee to its being continuous, punctual, error-free or complete, or to its not infringing the rights of third parties (e.g. personal rights and copyright).


The basic procedure for obtaining data from the German National Library is for users to download the data themselves in standard formats via online interfaces.
A delivery charge is applied if the data is actively provided by the DNB. The relevant price list is published on 1 April each year, including information on the data prices.
Any changes regarding the available delivery formats are announced at least three months in advance.

Last update: 8.1.2015

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