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Document delivery service

The Document delivery service (Direktversand von Kopien) allows users to order black-and-white (hard) copies of essays, articles and extracts from books, journals and other documents held by the German National Library. This is possible in cases where the German National Library is the sole documented library in Germany in possession of the resource in question.

The orderer is responsible for checking the ownership documentation:

Publications documented as being owned by other libraries in Germany should be ordered via the separate document delivery service SUBITO.

Under the terms of the Urheberrechts-Gesetz (UrhG), the following user groups are permitted to use the "Document delivery service" from 1 March 2018:

  • User group 1 (employees of public institutions)
  • User group 1a (students, trainees, pupils)
  • User group 2 (private individuals)

It is no longer possible to offer the delivery of copies for commercial purposes (User group 3 - Commercial customers).

Paper copies will be delivered within Germany by post or fax, until further notice.

Visit the Help page for further information and prices.

Document delivery service

Last update: 03.05.2018


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