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The MARC formats are standards for the representation and exchange of data in machine-readable form. The Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO), supported by the MARC Advisory Committee, is responsible for maintaining and developing the format.An XML version of MARC is available.

In 2004 the Committee for Library Standards resolved to deploy MARC 21 as a uniform exchange format in an effort to bring the German standards into line with international practice. The point of contact for German-speaking users of the format is the Office for Library Standards at the German National Library.

Since the bibliographic year 2009, the German National Library has been delivering its data in the format MARC 21. All preparatory work was carried out in the Changeover to MARC 21 project.

Most of the documents are available in German only.

MARC 21 in the German National Library

Overview of our Export-Release-Circle depending on the ILTIS-Change-Management. Information about the changes.

MARC 21 in the German National Library
TypeValid from 13.01.2015Valid from 01.10.2015Valid from 12.01.2016
Bibliographic data of the German National Library and ZeitschriftendatenbankFeldbeschreibung Titeldaten, Version 1.7 (Stand: 15. Oktober 2014)Feldbeschreibung Titeldaten, Version 1.8 (Stand: 17. Juni 2015)Publication 14.10.2015
Arbeitstabelle Feldbeschreibung Titeldaten im Format MARC 21 (Stand: 15. Oktober 2014) (zip, 124KB, Not barrier-free file.)Arbeitstabelle Feldbeschreibung Titeldaten im Format MARC 21 (Stand: 17. Juni 2015) (zip, 143KB, Not barrier-free file.)Publication 14.10.2015
HoldingsUnchanged, Feldbeschreibung Bestandsdaten, Version 1.2 (Stand: 17. Februar 2014)UnchangedPublication 14.10.2015
Unchanged, Arbeitstabelle Feldbeschreibung Bestandsdaten im Format MARC 21 (Stand: 17. Februar 2014) (zip, 32KB, Not barrier-free file.)UnchangedPublication 14.10.2015
Authority records (GND)Feldbeschreibung Gemeinsame Normdatei, Version 1.3 (Stand: 15. Oktober 2014)UnchangedPublication 14.10.2015
Arbeitstabelle Feldbeschreibung Normdaten im Format MARC 21 (Stand: 15. Oktober 2014) (zip, 49KB, Not barrier-free file.)UnchangedPublication 14.10.2015

Last update: 17.6.2015

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