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"Mon Oncle. Klaus and Heinrich Mann" // Monacensia exhibition formerly on display in the Hildebrandhaus now in the German Exile Archive 1933–1945 // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Exhibition opening: Thursday, 16 August 2018, 19:00

begin 16.8.2018 7:00 PM
end 16.8.2018 8:00 PM

The exhibition "Mon Oncle. Klaus and Heinrich Mann" showcases the relationship between Heinrich Mann and his oldest nephew Klaus Mann.

It focuses on the life stories of two writers: Heinrich Mann (1871–1950), author of the novels "Professor Unrat" (Small Town Tyrant) and "Der Untertan" (Man of Straw), who during the years of the Weimar Republic became one of the most highly regarded artists in Germany; and Klaus Mann (1906–1949), who started his career as a literary enfant terrible in the 1920s. Both of them had to go into exile in the spring of 1933, after the Nazis rose to power. They were two of the most important representatives of the resistance movement, firstly in exile in Europe, and later in the USA. However, neither Klaus nor Heinrich Mann managed to return permanently to Europe during the years that followed 1945.

The exhibition documents the lives of Klaus and Heinrich Mann, who were always the anti-bourgeois, Bohemian element in the family. It also addresses the tense, complicated relationship both men had with Thomas Mann, their brother and father respectively. The family history of the Manns also reflects a pivotal chapter in the cultural and contemporary history of Germany.

The exhibition, which was first shown in the Monacensia library in the Hildebrandhaus, is now on display in the German Exile Archive 1933–1945.


Welcome: Ute Schwens, Director of the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main
Introduction: Dr. Uwe Naumann, Curator of the exhibition

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Date of event

Thursday, 16. August 2018, 19:00


Free admission


Booking: or call +49 69 1525 1961


Lecture hall at the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main.


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The exhibition will be open for viewing from 17 August to 15 December 2018

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