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"Der unsichtbare Pianist" // // Second concert on a historic reproducing piano // German Music Archive of the German National Library in Leipzig // Wednesday, 14. November 2018, 18:00

begin 14.11.2018 6:00 PM
end 14.11.2018
Location Leipzig

For the second concert in our series "Der unsichtbare Pianist" ("The invisible pianist"), we will be introducing you to our treasury of piano rolls and Wolfgang Heisig will be presenting his composition for reproducing grand piano.

Self-playing pianos and pianolas (which played piano rolls from a device known as the "Vorsetzer") enjoyed immense popularity during the first third of the 20th century but went very quiet after this time. However, composer Wolfgang Heisig is proving that they never disappeared completely. He specialises in works for mechanic player devices and composed the work KODE, a graphic composition for pianola. He uses this work to explain how self-playing pianos work.

During the second part of the evening, the German Music Archive will be presenting examples selected from its treasury of piano rolls. Experience works by great composers played as if by magic with no visible performer on the Steck "Duo-Art" reproducing piano of 1925. Some of them were recorded by famous pianists of the early 20th century, others by the composer himself.
Between the individual pieces we provide information on interesting aspects of the instrument, the piano rolls, the works and their performers.

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Date of event

Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 18:00


Free admission


Book directly using the booking form or call: +49 341 2271-223

Meeting place

Foyer of the old building


Last update: 30.8.2018

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