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National ISSN Centre for Germany

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an internationally binding standard number as defined in ISO 3297. It provides concise and unique identification of serial publications all over the world. As a unique standard code for identification, the ISSN supports the automatic administration of serial publications and data transmission. Searches are made easier by the existence of a unique identifier for each publication.

Please note that the National ISSN Centre for Germany is only responsible for publications, the first place of publication of which is in Germany. For publications issued outside Germany, the relevant ISSN centre can be determined on the website of the International ISSN Centre.

In the case of a newly released serial publication being delivered to the German National Library under the legal deposit regulation, most print publications and publications on physical data carriers (CD-ROMs, DVDs) are issued an ISSN

  • the first place of publication of which is in Germany and
  • which meet the criteria of a serial publication (journals, yearbooks, annual reports, serials)

without any need for further action. In these cases it is not necessary to send a separate request for an ISSN. The ISSN assigned by the National ISSN Centre for Germany can be searched for in the portal of the German National Library.

The bibliographic data of the publication and the ISSN are listed in

A formal written request for ISSN assignment must still be sent to for publications that appear online.

An ISSN can also be issued retrospectively for a publication that has already been released. This, too, requires an informal written request for ISSN allocation.

We also give large customers the possibility of having an ISSN issued before the release of the first edition (pre-assignment). Individual applicants can generally only receive an ISSN after the publication has been released.

For pre-assignment please send us the necessary documentation together with a brief note, preferably by e-mail.

Requirements are

  • title page and draft imprint,
  • the expected date of publication,
  • the planned publication frequency and
  • details of whether the title will be issued in a print and/or online edition.

Applications for pre-assignment should not be made more than six months before the planned release of a publication.

We do not issue ISSNs before the release of publications not released by the publishing trade.

In cases where a publication changes its title, a new ISSN generally has to be issued. Title changes are defined in the internationally valid "ISSN Manual". A new ISSN is also required if the publication changes its medium, e.g. from a printed to an online publication. In such cases please contact the National ISSN Centre for Germany ().

The ISSN Network consists of the national centres and the International ISSN Centre based in Paris. It coordinates the work of the national centres in over 80 countries. Over 1.9 million ISSNs and the corresponding titles together with a concise bibliographical description are held in the international database, the ISSN Portal. The number is growing daily.

The ISSN is issued by national centres.

The National ISSN Centre for Germany is located at the German National Library:

German National Library
National ISSN-Centre for Germany
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt
Tel. + 49-69-1525-1481
Fax + 49-69-1525-1414

Last update: 30.10.2017


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