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EPICUR - Enhancement of Persistent Identifier Services: Comprehensive Method for unequivocal Resource Identification


Persistent identifiers (PIs) are indispensable for the use and management of electronic documents. A number of individual persistent identifier services have already been established, however there is still a general need for activity regarding their introduction, the further technical development of PI services and the creation of a basic organisational framework.

In its CARMEN project (work package 4), the German National Library introduced a Uniform Resource Name (URN) system. The aim of the EPICUR project was to take the technical development of the existing PI service a stage further with the intention to facilitate complementary use of different PI systems such as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and URNs. A further key objective was to create an infrastructure for persistent identifiers in Germany.


In its special "Innovation and jobs in the information society of the 21st Century" programme, the Federal Government is supporting a range of activities aimed at achieving accelerated take-up and distribution of modern information and communication technologies as we move closer towards an information society. EPICUR was a part of the "New Services, Standardisation, Metadata Competence Network" project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project duration

2002 - 2005

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