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EuropeanaConnect is an EU-sponsored research and development project aimed at developing components and services which are needed to ensure that the European culture portal Europeana is an interoperable, multilingual and user-oriented service for all European citizens.

Key parts of the project, in which over 30 institutions from across Europe are involved, include

  • the development of advanced search possibilities which incorporate semantic relationships between the objects in the portal
  • the provision of a multilingual component which permits users to carry out searches in their own language and to find objects which are indexed and described in other languages
  • infrastructure components designed to improve or facilitate metadata interoperability and the integration of further services
  • a new user interface permitting e.g. the annotation of multimedia content and the use of Europeana on mobile devices
  • a rights administration framework designed to simplify the integration of licence-protected content
  • the integration of sound documents from over one hundred European audio archives

The German National Library has two main task areas within the project. It is involved in quality assurance and is responsible for ensuring that the further development of user interface and semantic searches is in line with users' wishes and requirements. The German National Library also carries responsibility for developing a pan-European persistent identifier resolution service. This service is aimed at enabling Europeana users to access digital objects directly from the portal even if the object has changed its physical location. Here the German National Library collaborates closely with the Knowledge Exchange (KE) project. This is organised jointly by a number of European memory and research institutions and aims to develop a common standard for the use of persistent identifiers in Europe.

Project partners

30 institutions from across Europe, including a number of national libraries, broadcasting archives, research institutes and companies


European Commission, eContentplus Programme

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Project duration

1 May 2009 - 30 November 2011

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Last update: 21.02.2012

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