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Long-term Preservation of digital Documents in Germany

Initial effort towards creating a nationwide policy for Germany (preliminary project to nestor)


The objective of the project was to prepare a policy addressing issues of "Long-term Archiving and Accessibility of Digital Documents in Germany"

  • Preliminary effort towards producing a nationwide policy avoiding disparate, insular solutions
  • Extensive discussion of basic issues
  • Coordination and planning of activities for long-term preservation and accessibility of digital documents in Germany to enable a shared problem-solving approach
  • Establishing a communications network among participating members

The concept was presented and discussed with library professionals at two workshops held 29-30 October 2002 and 14 November 2002. The workshops were not primarily for informational purposes, but rather geared towards reaching a preliminary consensus for producing a nationwide long-term preservation and access policy. A concluding statement was formulated at the workshops to serve as a foundation for further activities and projects.

Project partners

This project was part of the larger project "Competence Network New Services, Standardisation, Metadata", sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project duration

1 April - 30 November 2002

Last update: 06.12.2011

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