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Library of the German National Assembly 1848/49 (Reichsbibliothek)

Representatives of the German Book trade donated a reference library comprising 4,600 volumes to the National Assembly which convened at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt in 1848/49 and recommended that a Reichsbibliothek be established. In 1855, after the failure of the National Assembly, this reference library was transferred to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nürnberg. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 1938, the Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig was presented with this collection.

The collection includes books in German on statecraft, economics, philosophy and descriptive works about cities and countries with a bibliophile quality. The original catalogue of the Reichsbibliothek has been preserved.

The collection can be consulted in the Reading room of the Anne-Frank-Shoah Library.

Last update: 26.05.2017

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