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How are book illustrations made?

Artistic prints can also be created using simple, everyday household and natural materials. There are no limits to your imagination when devising your own graphics.
The invention of book printing with movable metal type also gave rise to the desire among printers to print illustrations and decorative elements. This presupposed the production of image printing forms. In the first decades after the invention of the printing press, many illustrations and ornaments, in particular initials, were often painted by hand into the existing printed text. But soon the printers started to used book printing methods, especially woodcut, for this.

Activity: Here you can make your own linocut pattern which can then be printed using a small printing press. Alternatively, the leaf of a plant or even a CD that has been etched can serve as a print template. Other printing techniques such as woodcut, wood engraving, copper engraving and lithography are presented using examples of historical book illustrations.

Age: from class eight

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