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(Hi)story at noon: “The suitcase – symbol of exile” // Tour the permanent exhibition “Exile. Experience and Testimony” in 15 minutes // National Library in Frankfurt am Main // Thursday, 13 December 2018, 13:00

Do you fancy a quick tour of the exhibition? Our new condensed version “(Hi)story at noon” gives you the opportunity to discover various aspects of historic exile between 1933 and 1945. We have selected suitcases, letters, passports and other mementos from among the 250 exhibits and more than 300 publications that make up the permanent exhibition of the German Exile Archive 1933–1945. They give answers to questions that are significant not only in historical terms: What does it mean to be forced into exile? What do people experience there? Does exile ever end? And what remains of exile?

In the first of these short tours, which last around 15 minutes each, we take a closer look at artefacts such as a suitcase belonging to author Walter Meckauer. Other themes addressed by these 15-minute tours include real and false passports, families in exile, and exile routes from and to Frankfurt.

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Upcoming dates:

Thursday, 10 January, 13:00
“... the most noble part of a human being” – real and false passports

Thursday, 14 February, 13:00
Where are the others? Families in exile

Thursday, 14 March, 13:00
Of lions and antelopes – writer Stefanie Zweig’s exile in Kenya

Thursday, 14 April, 13:00
Everything as usual? – Living, cooking, eating in exile

Thursday, 9 May, 13:00
At home in Frankfurt? – Exile routes from and to Frankfurt


Approx. 15 Minutes

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