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Submission procedures

Besides using the direct deposit procedures described here, it is also possible to enlist the services of a suitable provider. See the cooperation partners page for further details.


One-off registration is necessary before making a delivery.


Activation of the online publication deposit procedure can be applied for using a web form in the My Account section.

There are currently three methods for submitting online publications: Submission via web form and two automatic submission methods - harvesting and hotfolder. Metadata needs to be submitted alongside the objects themselves in both automatic submission procedures.

1. Delivery of online publications via the web form

Submission via the web form is possible for monograph online publications, university dissertations and theses, sheet music and periodical online publications but currently not for audio books.

  • Identify yourself by means of your email address and your password.
  • Complete the form and check your details on the "Confirm data" page.
  • Send off the form. You will then receive confirmation of the successful data transfer.

Delivery of monograph online publications, university dissertations and theses and sheet music

Full instructions on the delivery of monograph online publications, university dissertations and theses and sheet music via the web form (PDF, 680KB, Not barrier-free file.) (available only in German)

Delivery of periodical online publications - notification of title

The metadata of a journal which is being deposited for the first time, or the title of which has changed, is delivered using the title notification form.

Delivery of periodical online publications - delivery

The metadata is submitted together with the online publication (an issue or an article of a pre-registered journal) using the delivery form.

Full instructions on the delivery of periodical online publications (PDF, 722KB, Not barrier-free file.) (available only in German)

2. Delivery of online publications using automatic delivery methods

Submission via automatic delivery methods is possible for monograph online publications, university dissertations and theses, audio books and periodical online publications.

Journal articles and volumes can only be deposited automatically on a regular basis if the bibliographic details of the journal are already listed in the catalogue of the German National Library. An identifier (such as ISSN, URN or an internal system ID) is recorded for this which must then be transmitted in the metadata of the articles and volumes. This permits the automatic linking of journal titles and deliveries.


In the case of automatic delivery (OAI harvesting), the submitter identifies a repository from which the German National Library can automatically obtain information on any new publications. This is effected using a technical protocol which describes the exact procedure and which must be implemented by both parties - a harvesting protocol, e. g. OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting). All the metadata necessary for processing can be retrieved via an interface. Manual interaction between the submitter and the German National Library is no longer required for this. OAI-PMH based on HTTP, i. e. all security mechanisms which support the HTTP can be used to secure the transmitted information against security breaches. Further information can be obtained in the following introduction:

Automatic delivery using harvesting (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012022221

Automatic hotfolder submission procedure

In the hotfolder procedure an account is set up for each submitter. This is then used for actively transmitting the object and metadata to the German National Library via the SFTP or WebDAV interface. Individual transfer packages are submitted. These consist of zipped containers, each holding an object and a corresponding set of metadata.

Automatic delivery using hotfolder procedure (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2016111401
Data format policy (available only in German) urn:nbn:de:101-2012102408

Last update: 23.11.2016

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