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Registration for the delivery of online publications

Registering yourself.

1. Registering yourself for personalised access.

2. Registering yourself as a depositor.

  • After logging in at click on the "Ablieferung von Netzpublikationen" link under "Freischaltung beantragen für" on the right hand side of "Mein Konto".
  • Complete the form and check your details on the "Confirm data" page.
  • Send off the form. You will receive confirmation of the successful data transfer.
  • Within one working day you will receive a message by email informing you that your submitter account has been given clearance.

You have already been registered and contacted by us.

1. You receive an email from us.

  • You receive an eMail from us requesting that you register as a submitter. We already have records of your details.
  • You click on the "Request password" link contained in the email.
  • An automatically generated email containing the password is then issued to the email address given.
  • Log in using your email address and the password at You can change your password under the "My account" menu item.

2. You notify us by email.

  • You notify us by eMail () so that we can activate your account for deposits. This is currently a temporary solution; the procedure will soon be made more user-friendly.
  • Within one working day you will receive an email message informing you that your submitter account has been activated.

Comprehensive instructions on the registration for the submission of online publications (PDF, 471KB, Not barrier-free file.) (available only in German)

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Last update: 15.02.2018

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