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The online database of the German National Library fulfils the organisation's legal mandate to carry out bibliographic indexing of all publications issued in Germany. It can be accessed freely via the Internet at

The Deutsche Nationalbibliografie has been published by the German National Library since 1931. Since January 2010, however, it has been issued as an online journal.
The publication schedule, the subdivision into series A, B, C, H, M, T and the new release service remain unchanged from the printed edition.
The new electronic services reflect users' changing needs and replace the printed and CD-ROM versions of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie.

Taking the earlier printed edition as the template, the German National Library will be offering the Nationalbibliografie in PDF format as an online journal * ; its content will in some cases be simplified and it will be offered free of charge via its database.
In addition, the PDF files can also be purchased and downloaded via the WWW or from the SFTP server of the German National Library.
Costs and conditions of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie as online journal in PDF format.

  1. Access via the portal catalogue: free of charge
  2. Provision charges of PDF files via the WWW and on the SFTP server of the German National Library

Further usage possibilities stemming from the printed version of the Nationalbibliografie are offered via the DNB portal, e.g.

  • Filters for individual series of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie and searches for individual bibliography volumes
  • Selection of specific types of media such as online publications or dissertations
  • Saving of search profiles
  • Export of hit lists to PDF file

*Example of series A indexing in the German National Library catalogue: .
The individual issues of a journal are listed as related volumes at the end of the journal listing. The list of brief outlines can be called up by clicking "Publications". Clicking on an outline opens the full description of the volume in question; access is then gained to the full text via the URN in the "Persistent Identifier" label.

Last update: 22.05.2018

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