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The Digitation of German-Jewish Cultural Heritage: A Collaboration between Israel and Germany


Greeting from Minister of State Professor Monika Grütters, Member of the BundestagFulltext
Elisabeth NiggemannDigitisation of German-Jewish Cultural HeritageFulltext
Tsafra SiewPreserving and disseminating German-Jewish historyFulltext
Kathrin Jockel
Ute Schwens
The ’Books in Hebrew Characters‘ sub-projectFulltext
Claudia Fabian
A story of success: the digitisation of the Codices hebraiciFulltext
Sophia Charlotte FockA cross-section of a unique, wide-ranging collection of Hebrew manuscriptsFulltext
Ulrich Hagenah
Monika E. Müller
The project provides a starting point for further research into Hamburg HebraicaFulltext
Christoph MackertThe complete collection of Hebrew manuscripts, offered digitallyFulltext
Rachel HeubergerFrankfurt Hebrew manuscript collection of Jewish patrons Fulltext
Jesko Bender
Stefan Litt
Arts in Exile – lives reflected in correspondenceFulltext

Last update: 30.11.2018

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