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At the end of 2012, WebDewey Deutsch replaced the MelvilClass classification tool which librarians and other users had been using since 2006 to classify using Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Information on the transition from MelvilClass to WebDewey Deutsch can be found under download FAQ.

General information on WebDewey Deutsch

WebDewey Deutsch was developed on the basis of the American WebDewey application and adapted for users in German-speaking countries to ensure that the familiar MelvilClass functions remained available in WebDewey Deutsch.

WebDewey Deutsch contains the data from the 23nd edition of the printed version of the German DDC; updates are continuously integrated into the system (Full information on DDC updates). Today, other countries which use the DDC (such as Italy, Norway, Sweden) also use WebDewey with adaptations for their institutions. This results in continuous development of the functionality, which can also lead to new developments in WebDewey Deutsch. Detailed information on individual new features of the application can be found on the New Features page.

The essential components of WebDewey Deutsch are:

  • the schedules and tables
  • DDC manual for DDC Deutsch
  • DDC Relative Index terms
  • Integrated Authority File (GND) subject and geographic headings as links to DDC numbers (Additional terminology mapping)
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) as links to DDC numbers (Additional terminology mapping)

WebDewey Deutsch functionalities

  • Access to the latest DDC updates through regular updates in WebDewey Deutsch
  • Access to many presynthesised DDC numbers which are only available in the web version
  • Generation of additional built numbers (institutional and personal) with the aid of a synthesis wizard (number-building tool)
  • Generation of institutional and personal comments using the comments function
  • Links between DDC numbers and subject and geographic headings contained in the Integrated Authority File (GND) to provide additional search vocabulary
  • Links between DDC numbers and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to provide additional search vocabulary
  • Thousands of Relative Index terms as search vocabulary
  • Possibility to transfer DDC numbers and their number components automatically to a local cataloguing application

Use fees

The fee for using WebDewey Deutsch applies for one institution at one site.

Single-user license (for single user within an institution) 200 € p/a
Campus license (for 2-9 users within an institution) 400 € p/a
Campus license, unlimited (for unlimited number of users within an institution) 600 € p/a

Please contact the if you have questions concerning the terms of use.

Last update: 29.05.2018


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